Proud to endorse Brenda Kupchick

I am proud to endorse my good friend Brenda Kupchick for reelection as State Representative for the 132d District in Fairfield.

I had the honor and privilege to represent my hometown of Fairfield for 16 years in the State Senate. I served with many good people, from both political parties; yet no one was a more effective and passionate advocate for their district than Brenda Kupchick.

Brenda has been helping the people of her hometown of Fairfield for years. She was a tireless advocate for our children and our schools as a member of the Board of Education for 6 years. She was also a leading member of the RTM, and was instrumental in making sure the new McKinley school was built.

In Hartford, Brenda’s record is even more impressive. Never afraid to work in a bipartisan manner, she fought for and helped pass important legislation. Let me name a few: Brenda worked to pass legislation to protect our brave firefighters who suffer from work related cancers; she fought to give greater access to care to families with intellectually disabled children; and, in a bipartisan effort to protect women from breast cancer, won passage of a bill to require insurance companies to cover the cost of 3-D breast imaging screening.

Perhaps most importantly, Brenda brings common sense and fiscal responsibility to Hartford at a time when it is sorely needed. She fought against Governor Malloy and the Democrats passage of the two largest tax increases in state history. Those tax increases fell hardest on the middle class and hurt the people of Fairfield. She also spearheaded the fight against the Democrats cut to our Fairfield education aid. Most recently, Brenda is fighting to reverse Governor Malloy’s illogical and unfair increase in metro north rail fares that punish Fairfield commuters.

Sadly, the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee and her opponent won’t address these very real issues. Rather, they are demanding Brenda disclose who she is voting for for President. This should concern all of us, as we all have the right to vote in private. Perhaps they should stop hiding from their allegiance to the failed economic policies of their leadership in Hartford and Governor Malloy, and address the real issues facing the people of Fairfield. That’s what Brenda Kupchick is doing every day.

I encourage everyone to support Brenda Kupchick for re-election.

John McKinney

Former Senate Minority Leader


Kupchick works to solve problems

To the Editor:

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick always works hard to listen and learn from the people of her hometown through email newsletters, town hall meetings, and most importantly, by being the legislator on our corner.

Brenda works to solve problems and is always fighting for common sense solutions.

Brenda Kupchick is a no-nonsense, straight-talking woman who is passionate about public service.

Those of us who know Brenda know she works hard to reshape how our state government operates and on issues that are important to my neighbors and me.

Honestly, the last thing Connecticut needs is another democrat in Hartford voting with Governor Malloy and not in the best interests of Fairfield.

I hope you will join me for voting for a truly independent voice for Fairfield on Nov 8th.

Brenda Kupchick is Fairfield’s Neighborhood Rep.

Sarah Ellis


Fairfield needs Kupchick

I have had the privilege of working with Brenda Kupchick for the past twelve years as she has served in a variety of elected offices – Board of Education, RTM and State Representative. Brenda is knowledgeable, passionate, thoughtful and hard working. She is responsible, loyal and dedicated to the town, the state and her constituents.

In my capacity as Chairman of the town’s Board of Finance, I have seen firsthand how the State’s financial mess is impacting the town and has the potential to impact the town even more negatively in the near future.

The State fiscal issues are severe and we need Brenda now, more than ever, to represent us in Hartford and to fight for the taxpayers of Fairfield.

I am proud to call Brenda a friend, happy to have her as my State Representative and I encourage everyone to vote for Brenda.


Tom Flynn,

Chairman, Town of Fairfield, Board of Finance

Fairfield, Conn.

Letter to the Editor

When choosing our state representatives this November, let’s support the candidates who will vote for their constituent’s best interest and not just cast party-line votes, like we are seeing in Hartford these days.

The right choice in the 132nd district is to re-elect Brenda Kupchick. Brenda is a lifelong Fairfield resident and a small business owner right here in town who is constantly fighting for not just small business owners but for all residents.

There is no arguing that she is a longtime advocate for education in Fairfield. Brenda served on the BOE for six years and continues to support our school system.

Don’t just take my word for it. Brenda was not only endorsed by her own Republican party but received the endorsement of the Independent party as well. The bottom line is people know Brenda is going to continue to represent Fairfield’s best interests when she is voting in Hartford.

Connecticut simply can’t withstand another democrat that will vote party lines with Malloy’s anti-business policies that are literally driving jobs and people out of the state.

The last thing this legislature needs is another party-line Malloy Democrat. The town of Fairfield simply cannot afford for that to happen. Please join me in the 132nd district and please re-elect Brenda Kupchick.

Nick Aysseh


Re-elect Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick as you common sense voices for Fairfield

I ask you to join with me in voting for State Senator Tony Hwang 28th and State Representative Brenda Kupchick 132nd on Nov. 8.

As an elected official in Fairfield, I have had the pleasure of working with both State Senator Hwang, and State Rep.Kupchick for more than eight years, and it was Tony who actually encouraged me to run for election to the Board of Education.  I happily did so, serving alongside Brenda, early in my term, when she was a member of the BOE.

Tony and Brenda consistently demonstrate common-sense leadership, smart fiscal planning, and a genuine concern for people, not politics.  They are thoughtful public officials who take the time to listen to and learn from constituents before taking action for our community.  Tony and Brenda also consistently communicate with me as RTM Moderator (as well as members of the BOF, BOE and BOS) to ensure that we are aware of pending proposals coming out of Hartford that impact Fairfield.

Connecticut is a financial mess due to one party rule in Hartford, ranking last or close to last in most economic surveys.   However, Connecticut can be a state where people can prosper — whether it’s starting a business or educating their children. We need leaders who are not going to fall in line behind Governor Dan Malloy’s tax and spend policies that are decimating our state. Brenda and Tony are dedicated, well informed leaders who challenge the status quo in Hartford.

Let’s end the trend of one party rule in Hartford and send a message to Hartford that bi-partisan action is what’s right for all of Connecticut. Re-elect Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick as your common sense voices for Fairfield.

Pamela Iacono

Moderator, Fairfield RTM

Representative, District 8

Supports Brenda Kupchick

To the Editor:

State Representative Brenda Kupchick has been tirelessly serving Fairfield for many years, long before she became my State Rep. I first met Brenda when she was a Board of Education member, after she served on the RTM for four years.

What struck me about Brenda was her passion for kids, families and education. Whatever the topic was, she would do her homework, work together with fellow board members, seek feedback from the public, and fight hard for the issues that she believed in and, most importantly, were important to our community.

While it was clear that interest in education propelled Brenda into public service, her dedication to all Fairfield residents is what kept her involved. As our State Rep, Brenda reaches out to constituents on a multitude of issues, and continually communicates the news at the state Capitol through email newsletters, always asking for our feedback.

On a personal note, Brenda is the type of Rep who goes above and beyond. She’s always working behind the scenes to help others, and she’s not in it for the photo op. Whether it’s offering to help beach residents with cleanup after Hurricane Sandy, attending St. Baldrick’s in support of raising money to fight pediatric cancer, or signing up to make a meal for my family after I had surgery, Brenda is always ready to lend a helping hand to her neighbors. I am lucky to have Brenda Kupchick as my State Rep, and I hope you join me in supporting a true advocate for our community.

Dorene Herron


A vote for Kupchick

I have worked with Brenda Kupchick in several different capacities over the last eight years.

During that time I’ve come to know her as a colleague, friend and a state representative. Brenda is one of the most dedicated, passionate and hard working people I know. She cares about her community and takes the job of being a state representative very seriously.

My husband and I moved to Fairfield a few months ago, and I quickly understood first hand why Brenda loves serving the 132nd District so much. I am very excited to have the opportunity to vote for her.

Brenda is sincere, honest and passionate. She understands the needs of the small business community and the importance of protecting populations that are most vulnerable. She’s also passionate about animal welfare, evidenced in part by the “Heat Kills” signs in many Fairfield parking lots, which was a program she spearheaded.

Connecticut is facing serious budgetary challenges in the coming years and I know we can count on Brenda to be honest and work in our best interest as she has done for so long. Please join me in voting for Brenda Kupchick on Nov. 8.

Jackie L. Bertolone


Endorses Kupchick

Brenda Kupchick has dedicated so much of her time to Fairfield. As a former neighbor, I came to know Brenda and her husband and son very well. Brenda and her husband Peter started their own small heating & cooling business in Fairfield 28 years ago, and they worked long hours to make it a success. Brenda was always at the school helping out wherever she was needed. When members of the school community and neighborhood were facing a controversial issue, Brenda rose to the challenge and formed an advocacy group called One Voice. She hadn’t ever done anything like this before. Brenda was successful in bringing people together from all over town to work together toward common goals.

It was amazing to watch this young mother, wife and small-family-business owner turn into a passionate advocate that produced real results for not just her neighbors but for many people across Fairfield who felt unheard.

Brenda didn’t go away after those issues were resolved. She continued to stay involved giving her time and passion to issues that were important to people in our community. Brenda doesn’t just talk about what needs to be done, she has a history of actually getting things done. I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I rarely vote for Republicans, but I have tremendous respect for Brenda and admire how hard she’s worked representing the 132nd District fighting for issues that matter to Fairfield.

State Rep.Brenda Kupchick has earned my vote.

Barbara Holohan


Backs Kupchick

I write to encourage those who might be disheartened with the presidential election to not let this disillusionment trickle down to your opinions at the local level. When politics seem grim, I invite you to recognize one major consolation – in Fairfield, we have great legislators representing us in Hartford, especially my friend Rep. Brenda Kupchick.

Brenda is the only candidate in the 132nd district that is truly dedicated to her community. Raised in Fairfield, Brenda cares about her community so much that she has actually taken the time to teach local high school students like myself what it really means to serve one’s town and community. Through her example, she teaches us the real definition of a public servant.

In addition to her time on the Board of Education, RTM, local PTA, and terms in the General Assembly, her mentoring of young people and educating them in local public service is a true testament to her unmatched dedication to Fairfield. It would be a challenge to find someone who cares more about Fairfield than Brenda.

Brenda does not give up. Chances are, you have seen Brenda out walking door to door every weekend. She is at almost every event in town, listening to the people of the town she loves. She constantly wages battle against unnecessary Metro North fare hikes, the Democratic proposed “mileage tax”, and the crippling tax policies of Gov. Malloy and his Democratic accomplices.

Brenda has a track record of rising up for her community when the Democratic establishment in Hartford tries, and fails, to knock her down.

Brenda’s qualities are not merely what we want in our state representative – it is what our state and community requires. Join me in supporting Brenda Kupchick’s re-election to the 132nd district.

Damian Chessare


Supports Brenda Kupchick

State Representative Brenda Kupchick’s experience as a small business owner is invaluable in Hartford. She gets the struggles of small business owners because she has to deal with the same increase in overregulation, taxes, and anti-business laws that the rest of us have to, and she knows the difficulty of doing business in this state.

Fairfield small business owners need a champion fighting for them, and that’s what Brenda is. She consistently has stood up to bad bills, like a mandatory state-run retirement program that small businesses now have to implement, and to further tax hikes on businesses.

Our state is seen as more and more unfriendly to businesses each day, and we need someone in Hartford who is working to reverse this. Brenda has a consistent record of doing this, and I know she is the representative the small business community needs right now.

I fully support her in her reelection bid for the 132nd District seat.

Mark J. Lotty


Re-elect Brenda Kupchick

I write in support of Brenda Kupchick’s re-election to the Connecticut General Assembly as our State Representative in the 132nd District and encourage you and your family to support her as well.

As a constituent centered elected official myself, I have spent countless hours with State Representative Kupchick addressing the concerns of residents in the Beach Area (District 9) and have always been impressed by her attention to detail and conscientious follow up. Whenever a concern arises or challenge presents, Brenda is quick with a reply and viable solution.

As Chairman of Fairfield’s Public Health and Safety Committee, I have closely collaborated with Representative Kupchick on numerous occasions over the last year relative to several public safety, parking, and vehicular traffic issues where Representative Kupchick played vital roles in formulating ready remedies.
And, on countless occasions, Brenda’s prior experience on the RTM and Board of Education were invaluable in providing guidance on local challenges that have great relevance to families in District 9 and throughout the Town of Fairfield. It is that legislative experience, community commitment, personalized attention, and constituent centered approach that we need representing us in Hartford.
Brenda Kupchick is the clear choice for the citizens of Fairfield and those residing in the 132nd District. We need her to remain as our voice in Hartford and I encourage you to support Brenda, as I am, on Election Day.
Please join me in re-electing Brenda Kupchick as State Representative in the 132nd District.

William J. Perugini

Town of Fairfield, Connecticut 
RTM District 9 Representative
Chairman, Public Health and Safety

A vote for Kupchick

I have been lucky enough to have state Representative Brenda Kupchick as my representative for the past six years, and during that time she has consistently fought to protect Fairfield seniors.

Operating a small family business for years and now approaching retirement, I understand the principle of spending only what you have and not any more. The Democrats in Hartford have dismissed this principle for years and have saddled us with massive tax increases and debt to cover their reckless spending habits.

Brenda recognizes that if taxes keep going up, it will be impossible for seniors like me and my husband to afford to remain in Connecticut, even if we have spent all or most of our lives here.

Brenda fights so people like us can afford to stay in the state that we love.

This November, State Representative Brenda Kupchick is the best choice for seniors.

Gwen Palmer